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We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and the adverse affect of it on climate change.

Energy data continues to be captured and consolidated centrally. However, due to changes in our investment profile we have had to revise our boundary criteria for reporting purposes. The boundary criteria includes all UK projects where John Laing provide operational management.

The absolute carbon footprint associated with John Laing projects for the period July 2013 to June 2014 was 122,017 tonnes of CO2e. 

The carbon footprint for John Laing business travel and commuting over the same period was 883.34 tonnes CO2e, this compared with 1008.1 tonnes CO2e over the preceding 12 month period.  

Energy use at our head office, No. 1 Kingsway, is monitored and staff are encouraged to save energy by turning off lights and work stations when not required.

These simple but effective measures have resulted in energy savings and associated reductions in CO2 emissions.

The use of video conferencing has also had a dramatic effect on reducing business travel and associated Green House Gas emissions.



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A significant amount of work has been done to quantify our carbon footprint which includes the emissions from our investment in infrastructure projects.