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The Prince's Seeing is Believing

Over the past 20 years, The Prince’s Seeing is Believing programme has inspired and engaged more than 7,500 top business leaders to take action on key social responsibility issues.

Since 1990, on behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales, Business in the Community has visited over 880 community projects and schools in the heart of the UK’s most deprived communities. Through programmes of visits, especially designed for business leaders, The Prince’s Seeing is Believing paves the way for informed long-term business engagement on the most pressing social and environmental issues.

The Prince of Wales’ “What Works in Schools” series of visits focused on helping business gain first-hand experience of the various educational initiatives which are having a positive and significant impact on education.

Our Executive Director, Chris Waples took part in two ‘What Works in Schools’ Seeing is Believing visits to various educational establishments led by business leaders Paul Drechsler of Wates and Richard Reid of KPMG.

The ‘What Works in Schools’ visits showcased a number of initiatives including Business Class, a BITC strategic programme designed to provide a sustainable framework for business engagement with education.  The aim of Seeing is Believing is to showcase best practice examples of leadership in education and of companies’ engagement in supporting it.





Photography by Alastair Fyfe