John Laing - Current Assets & Budget

Current Assets & Budget

The current asset value of the Trust is £62.9 million (as at 31 December 2016). This is made up of fixed interest, UK and overseas unit trusts, corporate bonds and shares.

The Trust owns the original house built by John Laing in 1848 and this is let to The Gateshead Carers Association at a peppercorn rent.

These combined assets realised an income of £2.3. It is the Trustees policy to spend the income annually.

The budget and priorities for the following year is set in November.


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Related information

Caldew House built by James and Ann Laing has a stone plaque over the front door carrying their initials JAL 1848.  In later years the house was refurbished for the Salvation Army and handed over to its new custodians in 1986 and from then until April 2014 it became a place where Army officers and lay workers labouring in community centres and hostels in tough inner city areas could go for a holiday. 

Gateshead Carers Association are the current occupants of this building, which holds such an important place in the history of John Laing.