John Laing - Governance and Named Funds

Governance and Named Funds

The John Laing Charitable Trust (JLCT) currently has eight Trustees: Sir Martin Laing CBE, Christopher Laing, Lynn Krige, Chris Waples, Tim Foster, Ben Laing, Stewart Laing and Alex Gregory.

There can be a maximum of 8 Trustees of which John Laing Group plc can nominate a maximum of 2.  All Trustees have some connection with the Company.

The Trustees meet formally three times during the year. In between meetings, established procedures are followed for decision making and approval of payments.

As a registered charity, JLCT abides by the rules of the Charity Commission and Charity Law.

Named Funds

The John Laing Charitable Trust (JLCT) has set up ‘named funds' in five local/county community foundations, namely: Cumbria, Tyne & Wear, South Yorkshire, Bristol and Hertfordshire.

These are endowment funds to provide on-going support to local charities.

Applications to these organisations should be made directly to the foundation concerned.


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