The construction team has broken through the 2.2 kilometre La Sorda tunnel, an achievement celebrated by the client, ANI, consortium team members and the Governor of Santander, Mauricio Aguilar.

The milestone marks 60% completion of this tunnel, and 51% of the project as a whole. Ruta del Cacao is 236 km of carriageway, connecting the cities of Bucaramanga, Barrancabermeja and Yondo in the Santander Department of North-East Colombia. With challenging terrain forming part of the project, tunnels and bridges are an essential part of construction and will help to keep traffic flowing smoothly with minimal disruption to the local environment wherever possible.

Ruta del Cacao is also an outstanding example of our commitment to improving the lives of the local communities. Managing Director Latin America Alex Yew explains:

“We take our responsibility to the people who live and work along the existing road very seriously, recognising that the prospect of a fast highway causes concern for some. As part of our project delivery, together with our partners we have built schools, invested in new water systems to provide clean water to villages, created a new business zone where existing businesses can operate in better facilities, and started a seed fund to help new businesses start-up. We have also re-settled villagers from small, poorly-finished houses into bigger, more modern homes that improves their lives.”