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11 December 2020

New Generation Rollingstock achieves Initial Fleet Acceptance

John Laing Group plc ("John Laing"), the responsible investor and active manager of infrastructure projects internationally, is pleased to announce that the New Generation Rollingstock (“NGR”) project in Queensland, Australia achieved Initial Fleet Acceptance (“IFA”) on 1 December 2020, its final delivery-stage milestone.

The AUD4.4 billion NGR project is the single largest investment in trains in the state of Queensland, and is being delivered by the Qtectic consortium in partnership with the Queensland Government. John Laing is the largest investor in the Qtectic consortium and has played a significant role in management of the project. John Laing representatives hold senior roles in the project management team and on the project company’s Board of Directors, including as the Chair of the Board. The project involves the provision of 75 new electric six-car trains (“multiple units”) for the South East Queensland suburban passenger rail network. The project includes the ongoing maintenance of the trains until 2046, as well as the construction and maintenance of a depot facility in Ipswich, Queensland. The NGR project has increased the size of the South East Queensland train fleet by 26%.

NGR passenger services commenced in December 2017 with the final multiple units entering service in December 2019. The train fleet has built up a strong operational track record and exceeded the demanding performance thresholds across all 75 multiple units in order to achieve IFA.

Justin Bailey, Co-Head of PPP and Greenfield Projects at John Laing, said:

“We are delighted to have reached this significant milestone. Increasing the capacity of the electric train fleet will be vital in assisting the Queensland Government to achieve their goal of reducing car usage in the region. We are proud of the work the Qtectic consortium has done to provide state-of-the-art transport services for the community.”

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