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29 January 2007

Viridor/Laing selected Preferred Bidder for Greater Manchester project

John Laing is delighted to announce that the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) today confirmed that it has selected the consortium between Viridor Waste Management and John Laing Infrastructure (a division of John Laing plc) as preferred bidder for the PFI contract to deliver long-term waste management solutions in Greater Manchester. The integrated waste management contract (investment value £300 million) with the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) is the largest such scheme in the UK.

The Viridor/ Laing consortium proposals will assist GMWDA with their obligations under the EU Landfill Directive, achieving high levels of materials recycling and recovery and radically reducing the proportion of waste sent to landfill. Viridor/Laing will provide a full range of waste management services through the PFI mechanism, including waste reduction, recycling, composting, treatment, recovery and disposal.

GMWDA currently operates and manages the UK’s largest waste management contract, covering the recycling and disposal of waste from across the Greater Manchester area and dealing with over 1.4m tonnes of municipal waste each year. Viridor/Laing’s proposals provide options for the provision, redevelopment, refurbishment, operation and maintenance of a number of essential facilities including materials recycling facilities, mechanical/biological treatment and in-vessel composting plants, a new and an existing thermal recovery facility, transfer loading stations and household waste recycling centres, as well as the provision of landfill disposal capacity for treated residues. Detailed negotiations now commence with a view to the contract being finalised in May 2007.

Commenting on the decision, Viridor Managing Director Mike Hellings said: “The Viridor/Laing consortium is delighted to have been selected by GMWDA to deliver a ‘world class’ waste management solution. We are looking forward to finalising our focused proposals and working with the existing employees to deliver high levels of recycling, recovery and best value waste services for Greater Manchester in the years to come.”

Alan Hogg, John Laing Infrastructure Director commented: “This shows that the partnership between Viridor and Laing is working successfully and we are pleased to see that there is an important role for private investment in the waste sector.”

Viridor/Laing selected Preferred Bidder for Greater Manchester project

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