Renewable Energy

Rammeldalsberget Wind Farm

John Laing has signed an agreement with Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, for the installation of six G114-2.5 MW turbines (aggregate capacity of 15 MW) at the Rammeldalsberget wind farm in Västernorrland, central Sweden.

This is the first time Gamesa will supply its new G114-2.5 MW turbine, with increased nominal capacity of 2.5 MW in order to maximise efficiency and profitability while reducing the cost of energy. As a result, the G114-2.5 MW turbine produces 29% more power than the G97-2.0 MW model, while lowering the cost of energy by 10%.

Delivery of the wind turbines is scheduled to begin in October 2015, while commissioning of the facility is expected in the first quarter of 2016.

This is the third agreement entered into by John Laing with Gamesa. In 2013, Gamesa sold John Laing a 15.5 MW wind farm in Carscreugh, Scotland. Gamesa also secured a 20 MW supply agreement for the Svartvallsberget wind farm in Sweden, in which John Laing is a 100% investor.