Criminal Justice

Auckland South Corrections Facility

The SecureFuture consortium, comprising John Laing, Fletcher Construction, Serco, Spotless Facility Services and The Accident Compensation Corporation, has signed the contract  to provide and operate the new public-private partnership (PPP) prison at Wiri, South Auckland on behalf of the New Zealand Department of Corrections.

Summary of project

The new facility will focus on rehabilitation and making communities safer.  It will be designed, financed, built, operated and maintained by the consortium partners, who are committed to delivering effective and efficient services to the public. 

The 960-place prison will be designed, financed, built, operated and maintained by the consortium partners and will draw on international research and expertise to ensure its construction complements a world-class approach to reducing reoffending in a safe, secure and decent setting, whilst respecting the specific cultural and environmental requirements of the Wiri site.

Ongoing activity

Auckland South Correction Facility, Visitor Centre (in construction) March 2014  

Over the course of the 25-year contract, SecureFuture will operate a payment-by-results model under which it will receive incentive payments for reducing reoffending by an agreed percentage. Conversely, payments will be cut if the prison fails to achieve specified targets for the effectiveness of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes.

SecureFuture will run innovative programmes to tackle specific causes and types of offending.  A key element of the approach is based on the development

of long term partnerships with community based service providers who will work side by side with SecureFuture to deliver rehabilitation and reintegration services.


Fletcher Construction has begun building work on the prison.  Serco will operate the facility when it opens in 2015, and it will be maintained by Spotless Facility Services.  The contract will cover design, construction, maintenance and operation over 25 years and the Government has capped the maximum potential price at $900 million.   

John Laing - Auckland South Correction Facility, CGI