John Laing - John Laing Charitable Trust

John Laing Charitable Trust

The Trust exists to enable John Laing Group plc and its subsidiaries to make charitable donations and provide welfare support to existing and former employees.

The work of the Trust is split into four distinct areas, including:

  • welfare,

  • charitable donations,

  • staff applications and

  • named funds.

The scope of the Trust is widespread. The Trust Deed sets out that the Trust should apply its assets for "such charitable purposes for relief of poverty, incapacity or sickness; or the advancement of education, religion or such other charitable purposes."

In addition, the Trustees "shall have special regard to the relief of poverty of employees or their dependants by the provision of gratuities or allowances... and in particular for those employees of their dependants who are in special need of financial assistance on account of any illness, old age or from other causes."

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