Together with our partners, we aim to deliver sustainable infrastructure that benefits local communities.

Sustainability Strategy
Forest for 6 pillars

Our Pillars

Our sustainability strategy is based on six pillars: Climate Change, Resource Use, Biodiversity, Communities, Inclusion and Diversity and Responsible Business. These pillars help us determine where best to nurture ambition, prioritise and deploy resources.

Build projects resilient to climate change and aligned with 1.5°C pathways
Promote the efficient and sustainable use of resources
Protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems
Contribute to enhanced livelihoods and social wellbeing of communities
Advance diversity and inclusion across our projects
Uphold best-in-class moral, ethical, governance and labour standards

These six pillars have fed into how we assess our current assets’ existing approach to managing ESG risks and opportunities, as well as into our positive and negative screening of investment opportunities.

Embedding ESG into the investment process

We recognise our responsibllity to ensure that our investments have a positive impact. For us, that means investing in and actively managing infrastructure that helps meet public needs, fosters sustainable growth and improves the lives of communities. We have developed positive criteria to increase transparency within our deal teams on the type of assets and investments that should benefit from ESG tailwinds. We also developed negative screening criteria that determine material sustainability impacts and how to mitigate them. We would avoid investing in assets that are environmentally/socially harmful where there is no mitigation possible.