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Electribus, Colombia

John Laing acquired two electric bus concessions in Bogotá, Colombia: the Electribus Bogotá Fontibón II concession and Electribus Bogotá USME I S.A.S. concession (together “Electribus”). The transaction completed in November 2022. John Laing acquired the concessions from Somos K, Fondo Ashmore Andino II – FCP and Ashmore Andean Fund II, LP (Canada). The investment builds on John Laing’s track record of working successfully with local government authorities on transport projects with international partners. .

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Electribus is an availability-based public-private partnership project with concessions that run until 2035 and 2036 respectively.

The concessions provide a total of 259 electric buses to Transmilenio, the public transport authority of Bogotá, and are operated through a separate contract by Somos, a Colombian public transport operator.