Sustainability Case Study: Electric buses in Bogotá - getting across town doesn't have to cost the earth

Electribus insights viewing

In 2022, we purchased Electribus, an availability-based PPP with concessions that will run until 2035. The concessions provide a total of 259 electric buses to Transmilenio, the public transport authority of Bogotá, and are operated through a separate contract by Somos, a Colombian public transport operator.

Electric buses provide affordable, accessible and sustainable transport for generations to come, and John Laing is determined to be part of the growth in this mode of transport.

These buses have already had a strong impact on local communities, improving service levels, reducing noise and air pollution and reducing local CO2 emissions by 16,400 tons a year. All electricity for these buses comes from emissions-free hydroelectric power, meaning that getting across town won’t cost the earth.

We believe that our investment in electric buses will benefit local communities by improving the environment and increasing the availability

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