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A6 Parkway, Netherlands

The A6 Parkway is a design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) project located in Almere. It is part of a wider program aiming to improve the accessibility of the greater Amsterdam area. This program includes an expansion of the road between Schiphol (A9) – Amsterdam (A10) – Almere (A6).

Key facts

2 lanes added, making 4 in total

13.5km of motorway

20yr operating concession

85% John Laing ownership interest



More capacity, better traffic flow

In 2016, a John Laing-led consortium, Parkway 6, achieved financial close on the A6 Almere, a public-private partnership project comprising the design, build, financing, operations and maintenance of 13.5 kilometres of the A6 motorway under a 20-year operating concession. This upgrade and redevelopment project included designing a wider A6, widening the existing road from two to four lanes, and renovating interchanges, bridges and viaducts in order to increase the capacity of the motorway and improve the flow of traffic. Construction works on the project started in 2017 and completed in mid-2019.