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I-75 Modernisation Project, US

Oakland Corridor Partners, a John Laing-led consortium, is responsible for the modernisation of an 18-mile stretch of the I-75 in Michigan, USA. Oakland Corridor Partners reached financial close on the project in November 2018. Construction commenced in the autumn of 2019 and is expected to complete in the second half of 2023.

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Key statistics

174k vehicles daily

12yr project acceleration

28 bridges improved

4 mile tunnel

Highlights of the project

The project involves the modernisation of Segment 3 of the I-75, covering a 5.5-mile stretch of road in Oakland County from 8 Mile Road to north of 13 Mile Road. It includes the reconstruction of this corridor, improvements to 28 bridges, safety upgrades across the corridor, and construction of a new four-mile,15-foot diameter storage and drainage tunnel.

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This crucial corridor has not received comprehensive improvements since it was built in the 1960s. Drivers will benefit from a safer, less congested route which is less prone to flooding. The public-private partnership model will accelerate completion of the upgrade by up to 12 years versus the Michigan Department of Transport’s original modernisation plan.