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Metro Tunnel, Australia

A major enhancement of Melbourne’s rail network. John Laing is a 30 per cent shareholder in the Cross Yarra Partnership (‘CYP’), an availability public-private partnership established to deliver the tunnels and stations package of works that forms part of the wider Metro Tunnel project, one of the largest transport infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia.

Key statistics

30% John Laing ownership interest

c.25yr project

2 9km tunnels

5 stations


The project was launched in response to unprecedented growth in public transport usage in the city over the preceding decade, putting the existing public transport system under significant pressure and requiring urgent investment.

Delivering the project is essential to avoid chronic over-crowding and meet the demand generated by the city’s growing population and changing economy.



Improving connections across Melbourne

The Metro Tunnel Project will untangle the City Loop by taking three of Melbourne’s busiest train lines through a new tunnel under the city. It will create a new end-to-end train line from Sunbury to Cranbourne/Pakenham, with twin nine-kilometre tunnels and five new underground stations at North Melbourne (formerly known as Arden), Parkville, Anzac, and two new CBD stations - State Library and Town Hall - which will directly connect to the City Loop via underground pedestrian walkways.