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Klettwitz Wind Farm, Germany

Klettwitz Wind Farm is located in Brandenburg, Germany, 60km north of Dresden and 100km south of Berlin. John Laing acquired the Klettwitz wind farm during the construction with commissioning in October 2015 shortly before closing in December 2015.

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The wind farm is situated in a former lignite mining region: operated after the Second World War, this open cast mine supplied the Klettwitz brick factories. When the mine closed in 1991, almost 5200 hectares of land had been over-excavated, 362 million tons of lignite had been extracted and 1,324 million m³ were moved by the three conveyor bridges. Ten years later, with the active support of the local government, 38 V66-1.65 for a total capacity of 55 MW were erected on this same location, successfully converting the site from fossil into renewable energy power supplier.