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I-77 Express Lanes, US

The I-77 Express Lanes project is a public-private partnership between North Carolina Department of Transportation ('NCDOT') and I-77 Mobility Partners to increase capacity and reduce congestion on the existing I-77 highway in North Carolina by widening 26 miles of road and adding managed lanes.

Key statistics

17.45% John Laing ownership interest

26 miles of highway widened

$170m saved in travel, reliability and vehicle costs

$30m contribution to local economy

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Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, and one of the fastest growing major cities in the US. The I-77 is a key north-south corridor connecting the major employment centre of downtown Charlotte with the growing residential communities of Iredell and Mecklenburg counties. 

The reduction in congestion, and associated 'stop-go' traffic, coupled with pricing mechanisms designed to encourage the use of carpools and more energy-efficient vehicles should also reduce emissions and pollution to create more liveable local areas.

Rapid adoption by drivers

The I-77 Express Lanes were opened in 2019, following which users were quick to adopt and travel times showed clear improvements.  Use of a public private-partnership has enabled the project to be delivered more quickly than traditional funding methods would have allowed.

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Since first investing in the project, John Laing has worked closely with its partners to de-risk the project through the construction phase and bring it into operation, including active support for technical enhancements to improve the user experience.