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North East Link Program, Australia

The North East Link Program (NELP) is the largest investment in a road project in the history of the Australian state of Victoria, completing the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network. John Laing is part of the Spark consortium that will construct the twin three-lane North East Link Tunnels and its key interchanges via the biggest public-private partnership in Australia to date.

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By completing the missing link and enabling high value economic journeys, the A$11.1bn project will boost productivity and create jobs. NELP will improve traffic flow, return local roads to the local community and increase reliability for road users with up to 135,000 vehicles to use North East Link each day.


NELP Southern Portal Land Bridge JPG 29 09 2021 CAP001 Bulleen FR01A A viewing

NELP Southern Portal Land Bridge JPG 29 09 2021 CAP001 Bulleen FR01A A viewing

Faster travel, better walking and cycling links

NELP will also take up to 15,000 trucks off local roads, resulting in reduced travel times for freight and associated industries. It is expected to reduce travel times by up to 35 minutes across the north east, while improving access to opportunities such as employment, education and other social opportunities. In total, around 34 kilometres of new and upgraded walking and cycling links will also be built.