John Laing has invested in over 150 assets across a range of sectors. Search below to explore our portfolio.

I4 Florida Ultimate Highway Road PPP North America Brownfield

I-4 Ultimate Project, US

The I-4 project plays a significant role in enhancing both safety and mobility for I-4 users, and reduces travel times in the heart of Florida.

Denver Eagle P3 photo Rail North America Brownfield PPP Transportation

Denver Eagle, US

The investment in Denver Eagle in 2010 marked John Laing’s entry into the US P3 market and was the country’s first public-private partnership transit project.

MBTA2 Digital Greenfield PPP North America

MBTA Automated Fare Collection 2.0, US

The project is being delivered as a P3, with the consortium appointed to design, build, operate and maintain a next-generation fare payment system in Greater Boston.

ALTRAC Sydney Light Rail night Transportation Australia and New Zealand Brownfield PPP Rail

Sydney Light Rail, Australia

The SLR project consists of the design, construction and financing of the light rail network, and its operation and maintenance.

DJI 0542 Road Colombia Greenfield PPP

Ruta del Cacao, Colombia

John Laing acquired a 30 per cent stake in the Ruta del Cacao road project in Colombia in 2019. The acquisition marked the Group’s entry into Colombia, an OECD member state with a strong and stable PPP framework and a good pipeline of PPP projects focused on transport, a core area of John Laing expertise.

NGR trains Transportation Australia and New Zealand Brownfield PPP

New Generation Rollingstock, Australia

NGR is a public private partnership consisting of the design, build, finance and maintenance of 75 six-car trains for the South East Queensland suburban passenger rail network, and the design and construction of a new purpose-built maintenance facility in Wulkuraka.

melbourne metro 1 Transportation Australia and New Zealand Greenfield PPP

Metro Tunnel, Australia

John Laing is a 30 per cent shareholder in the Cross Yarra Partnership (‘CYP’), established to deliver the tunnels and stations package of works that forms part of the wider Metro Tunnel project.

i 75 Road North America Greenfield PPP

I-75 Modernisation Project, US

Modernisation of an 18-mile stretch of the I-75 in Michigan, USA.

Clarence CC Other social infrastructure Australia and New Zealand Brownfield PPP

Clarence Correctional Centre, Australia

Clarence Correctional Centre is an availability-based public-private partnership project to design, build, finance, operate and maintain a 1,700-bed correctional centre in Grafton, New South Wales.

today 016 Road UK & Europe Brownfield PPP Transportation

A130 Bypass, UK

CountyRoute was chosen by Essex County Council in October 1999 as their private sector partner for the new A130 bypass.

A15 Motorway Areal Shot Road UK & Europe Brownfield PPP Transportation

A15, Netherlands

The A15 is an availability-based public private partnership for a stretch of motorway south of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

a16.1440x0 Road UK & Europe Greenfield PPP

A16, Netherlands

The project consists of a new 11 kilometre connection between the A13 and A20 motorways north of Rotterdam in order to relieve congestion and improve access to The Hague airport.